Sabre AFUs remove water, oil and particulates form medium pressure compressed air supplies, making it suitable for use with breathing apparatus. AFUs are available in a stand or box mounted configuration, suitable for free-standing or wall mounted use, respectively. Stand mounted units feature a robust

Airline Filter Units

stainless steel frame. Two sizes are available. The AFU-13 with a 13 litre/second (28cfm) flow capacity suitable to supply clean air for up to two breathing apparatus wearers. The three stage filter system comprises 2 high efficiency coalescing filters for the removal of oil, water and particulates down to 0.01 micron and an activated carbon adsorption filter which will remove oil vapours and odours down to 0.0003 mg/m3at 21degrees C. All three filter elements can be simply removed by hand, with out the use of tools, and incorporate pressure relief valves allowing safe depressurisation of the units.

NOTE: AFUs will not remove Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from an air supply. Consult with customer service of REGENCY INTERNATIONAL GROUP or Sabre for details.