THE AIRSTREAM HELMET In the modern workplace, the simplest and most effective way of protecting operators from the dangers of dust and other respiratory hazards while at the same time protecting their head and face from injury.

Respirators draw contaminated air through filters with a motor fan powered by a rechargeable battery and supply clean air to the wearer's face. This avoids discomfort and fatigue caused by the effort of having to inhale air through filters permitting longer work periods for more strenuous tasks.



Airstream AH1 Offers the most effective protection anywhere where a high level of dust is created, situations as varied as foundries, boiler rooms, saw mills, brickyards, civil engineering, querying and pharmaceuticals.  AH1 also offers head, eye and face protection to international Standards.  It is conformable to wear and allows the wearer to move around freely.



An ideally cool protection against hazardous fume from electric arc welding preventing Welder's Lung. Finished in black to reduce harmful reflections, the AH2 incorporates a nod down welding shield hinged over the standard visor.  The shield holds standard welding filters that can be fitted in seconds and are shielded against damage by a clear filter guard. For added safety the AH2 is equipped with flame proof cloth and plastic materials and can be supplied with a soft flame retarding neck cape.



AH4 Provides protection in industries which suffer particularly from more dangerous, rather than inconvenient, levels of dust, e.g. chemicals, asbestos, GB2 and lead processing industries. It incorporates a high efficiency main filter, a powerful motor to ensure the optimum airflow, and a one piece elasticized face seal that fits comfortably around the chin for superb high protection .

The AH4GBW has a performance indicator in the visor.



All Airstream helmets are supplied with a coarse prefilter and fine main filter, excepting AH60 and AH51 where the combination charcoal and dust main filters are required and must be purchased separately.  Airline versions are supplied with a dust filter to remove any course dust and diffuse the air supply.

Face Protection

Head Protection

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