Constant Flow Airline Breathing Apparatus

Visionair breakaway

VISIONAIR AF1 MK2 is a range of constant flow compressed airline breathing apparatus, designed to operate form an industrial compressed air system using a low profile, waist belt-mounted pressure regulator and an optional pre-filter.  Breathing quality air is supplied through a small bore hose to a variety of face masks and visors to provide respiratory protection for such applications as paint spraying, boiler cleaning and grinding.


AF1 MK2 is a lightweight, head-mounted air fed visor with a tilt action faceshield. A replaceable, flame retarding fabric face seal fitted around a polycarbonate visor ensures comfort and prevents the egress of airborne contaminants. Typical applications include boiler cleaning, grinding and fettling operations.

  • COSHH  approved CA/10/91
  • Nominal Protection Factor 100
  • Average protection factor measured in the laboratory in excess of 300

The Visionair range will operate a pressures between 60 - 90 PSI (4 - 6 bar.)

Minimum 160 lt/m per unit (equivalent to 6 c.f.m. approx.

Constant Flow Airline Breathing Apparatus



The AF3 air fed visor has a replaceable one-piece foam face seal fitted around an acetate visor and is particularly suited for two-part paint spray (such as Isocyanates) applications using the acetate visor.

  • COHSE approved CA/11/91
  • Nominal Protection Factor: 100
  • Average protection factor measured in the laboratory in excess of 300
  • Both models can be supplied with foam face seal or the flame retarding fabric face seal.

Hose Options

  • Anti-Kink PVC 8 mm Bore (supplied with Instant air Couplings) Available in 3, 10, 15, 30 metre lengths. MAXIMUM HOSE LENGTH SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30 METERS- i.e. one operator - 30 metres (max.) two operators - 15 metres each (max.)

Visionair AF7

VISIONAIR AF7 - AF7 is constant flow, full mask, coupled with a twin air supply hose system.  The AF7 is designated to provide respiratory protection in situations where a full face mask must be used,  e.g. in high levels of toxic dusts and gases or when working in confined spaces such as tanks or boilers.

COSHH approved CA/7/91
Nominal protection factor: 2000
Average protection factor measured in the laboratory in excess of 2000.
Facemask COSHH approved in EN136

Filter Unit

Filter Unit - A compact, three part, free standing air filtration system will supply up to two Visionair wearers with breathing quality air to BS4275,

The filter will remove oil, water, particulates and odour forma factory airline system. The activated carbon filter changes colour to pink when saturated. 

The filter will not remove carbon monoxide or any other gas)