Your survival in a fire could depend on this Emergency Escape Smoke Hood

Studies show that the most important thing you can do to survive a fire is to maintain your source of breathable air. In just a few seconds, you can easily put on this EVAC-U8® Emergency Escape Smoke Hood and  breathe filtered air for up to 15 minutes.

Simply twist the lid off the canister, pull the hood on and breathe through the mouthpiece. 

Built into the canister is a multi-stage, air-purifying, chemical catalytic filter that removes carbon monoxide and other deadly gases present in fire. EVAC-U8®'s translucent  Kapton® hood resists 800F temperatures,  protecting eyes, head and neck from transient flame, with excellent visibility and hearing. Its superior mouthpiece design combined with a positive pressure hood makes it highly resistant to edge leakage. 

Slightly larger than a beverage can, the canister features a powerful luminescent bottom to make it easy to find in dark  or unfamiliar places, and helps others find you.

It requires little training, maintenance and no fit testing is required. One size fits  all.

EVAC-U8®is currently in use by departments of the Canadian and American federal government worldwide. Incorporating the complex technology of carbon monoxide protection, it is the  most affordable smoke hood on the market today. It is essential emergency  equipment for travel and provides peace-of-mind at home or the office. Each unit  comes with its own wall mount; belt pouches are also available. Talk to your Regency International Group salesperson for additional accessory information.

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