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Vistamax Clearways Visor Range

This range provides the solution to risks inherent with high impact. liquid splash, heat and similar hazards and should be at the heart of any industrial safety programme. Features - Integral, secure-fixed visor that can be replaced at low cost and offer antiglare, welding shades and gold-coated alternatives. Exceptional ergonomic design offers maximum adjust ability to ensure a close fit.  Applications - Anywhere that full face protection is required for heavy-duty work such as engineering, petrochemical, foundry, construction, especially for high-heat, heat radiation, molten metal and welding applications.

Vistamax Supervizor Visor Range


Vistamax Clearways Visor Range


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Vistamax Clearways Faceshild

Vistamax Clearways Faceshield

Vistamax Supervizor Faceshild

Vistamax Supervizor Faceshield


The ultimate in full-face protection: a safe, practical and economical range. Strong, compact, comfortable and weighing just 160 grams. Features - The integral visor ensues extra protection against chemical seepage. Economical replaceable visor are available including antiglare, welding shields and non-mist. Adjustable head harness and comfort band ensure a precise fit with outstanding comfort. Applications - Light industrial and commercial e.g. hi-tech engineering, pharmaceutical and educational.


A Traditional high performance Blowguard/Visor system proven in many arduous environments. It has been designed for comfortable long duration wearing and is probably the most versatile traditional Blowguard system available. Options include materials, length and chin guards.

F508 As F408 but suitable for high heat application.

F408 With chin guard visor

F408 With chin guard visor

Avenger browguard and face screen

The Avenger

The Avenger features a lightweight deep browguard with full adjustable harness and replaceable sweatband. A selection of easily fitted screens are available to protect against grade 1 impact, chemical splash and molten metal. Kitemarked BS 2092, 1 CM/BS 2092.2 CM/BS 2092.2 and CE approved under EN 166B 39/EN 166F C Dependent on screen fitted.
CAT. NO. C1176

Avenger Air Fed Visor

Avenger air fed visor

designed primarily for spraying and grinding work, the visor protects from airborne contaminates when life support equipment is not essential. It gives eye protection to BS 2092.2 and provides breathable air from a compressor via air line filters. A pre-set temper-resistant regulator valve feeds air into the visor at 18-20 psi from original supply range of 30-145 psi.
CAT. NO. C1177