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FlameOut®, the flagship of the Summit product line is the most revolutionary fire fighting agent ever invented. FlameOut® gets its name from its extraordinary ability to extinguish many classes of fire quickly and remove extreme heat from any object with which it comes in contact. The ingredients in FlameOut® are encapsulators that use water as a carrying agent to reduce heat and isolate fuel from the fire.

FlameOut®, when applied correctly, quickly reduces dangerous black hydrocarbon smoke, increasing the chances of survival and preventing re-ignition.

FlameOut® has been extensively tested and is UL listed #7P21 in accordance with UL 162 and 711 according to NFPA18.

FlameOut® is the only wetting agent recommended to be used by both the FDA and the EPA. FlameOut® is the only certified replacement for the ozone depleting, highly toxic, HALON 1211, to be approved for both commercial and residential use.

FlameOut® will extinguish any class A, B or D fires. In 1999, FlameOut® II will extinquish all class A, B, C and D fires. FlameOut® is biodegradable and environmentally safe, and with its residual properties, prevents re-ignition, aiding in the establishment of fire breaks.

The most impressive and important aspect of FlameOut® is it's potential economic impact on the professional fire fighting industry. FlameOut®, when properly used, reduces the amount of water needed to extinguish a fire by up to 60%. This represents substantial monetary savings over time. By significantly increasing water's ability to extinguish fire, FlameOut® drastically decreased the amount of water damage sustained by items not affected by smoke or fire.

FlameOut®'s ability to extinguish all classes of fire quickly and efficiently directly translates into less money spent annually on water reclamation, purification and distribution. When we recently tested side by side with AFFF foam surfactant, FlameOut® extinguished a test car in 21 seconds, used 12 gallons of water and 4 ounces of FlameOut® concentrate compared to 70 seconds, 200 gallons of water and 4 gallons of AFFF foam concentrate.

When costs are compared, FlameOut® at $24.95 a gallon in concentrate, used $0.78 worth of product while the AFFF foam, at $12.00 a gal, used $48.00 worth of product, consuming more than 16 times the amount of water! Add this to the costs incurred in cleaning up the biohazard problem created by the use of AFFF and one quickly realizes the significance and potential of our product. View more at our Photo Gallery... FlameOut® versus AFFF

FlameOut® is completely safe and nontoxic, eliminating the need for extra protection from contact with other dangerous fire suppressants such as AFFF foam and Halons.

FlameOut® is also effective in protecting firefighters from heat and is used to completely coat the firefighter before entering a burning building. This protective shield is unheard of when dealing with AFFF foam due to its hazardous nature.

FlameOut® all natural ingredients will not clog or corrode valves and pipes and are in fact superb cleaners and lubricants. During the devastating 1998 Florida wild fires, FlameOut® proved to be a success in the field and led to an exclusive contract in the aviation industry with International Aero, the world's leading provider for all interior aircraft requirements. In addition, International Aero also provides modifications and technical engineering for fire suppression equipment in the mechanical systems throughout the airplane.

With the introduction of the 2 liter 2A10BC rated can, FlameOut® will qualify under both the Department of Transportation and the United States Coast Guard regulations. FlameOut® was tested by standards as a replacement for AFFF at the National Institute of Science and Technology.

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While our product FlameOutTM is now revolutionizing todays modern fire fighting industry, its consumer product companion, FirePower911TM, has seen steady market growth.
FirePower911TM is a 10% concentrate, bottled in a unique one liter dispenser that uses no harmful HFCs for propulsion. FirePower911TM has also received an "1A Fire Extinguisher Rating" by Applied Research Laboratories in compliance with NFPA10.

FirePower911TM also received the European equivalent to the UL Rating from the Swiss Government, approving its use as a fire extinguisher in Europe. Its ability to stop all types of household and small automobile fires in seconds makes FirePower911TM the ideal first line of defense in the home or on the road.

FirePower 911TM, sold as "CHIEF"S CHOICE" on the QVC Home Shopping Network and won the award of excellence for "Best of Tour" given by QVC to outstanding new products.

FirePower 911TM aerosol can rated fire extinguishers work on all "A, B and D fires." Its contents, FlameOutTM is a UL Listed wetting agent and low-density foam with a listing number 7P21 for both Class A and Class B fires. FlameOutTM is UL Listed according to NFPA18, UL 162 and UL 711.

FirePower 911TM is a "Rated Fire Extinguisher" according to NFPA10, ANSI/UL 8 and ANSI/UL 711.