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Interceptor XL21

Interceptor XL21

Features ‘Easyflow’ ventilation directly onto the lens surface through 22 ports in the frame. Peripheral vision is enhanced by the crystal clear forame and the wide angle lens ensures excellent optical quality. The XL21 features a specially formulated non-mist coating to the clear polycarbonate lens to prevent misting up of the lens. Kitemarked to BS 2092.1 CDM and CE approved under EN 166B349. Also available with gas welding lenses Shades 3 and 5 and green frame (XL23 & XL24) Approved to BS 1542-2. CAT. NO C1170

600 Range Goggle

600 range goggle

The 600 incorporates a comfortable soft frame with direct ventilation and wide, one piece high impact lenses. Available in polycarbonate and acetate. Kitemarked to BS 2019.1 CE approved under EN 166B (polycarbonate lens) Kitemarked to BS 2029.2 CE approved under EN 166F (acetate lens).

900 Range Goggle

900 range goggle

The 900 range offers full protection against impact, chemical splash, dust and molten metal, and is indirectly ventilated. Available in acetate or polycarbonate lenses. Kitemarked to BS 2090.1 CDM and CE approved under EN 166B 349 (polycarbonate lens). Kitemarked to Bs 2092 and CE approved under EN 166F 349 (acetate lens).
CAT. NO. C1173/C1174

303 Flip Front Goggle

303 Flip front goggle

A positive flip front action, incorporated in a superbly comfortable frame. The lenses are available in shades 3 and 5, CE approval. Kitemarked to BS 1542.2 (frame BS 2092.2)
CAT. NO. C1175

Ultra Vision

UltraVision goggles

The Ultra-vision goggle offers the best possible comfort in a full-protection goggle. Features: Anatomical shape and soft material allow close, yet comfortable, fit. Integrated, indirect ventilation allows air movement directly across lens whis protecting against splash and dust. Lens coated with supervision; anti-scratch on the outside and anti mist on the inside. Frosted top to reduce glare. Fits comfortable over most prescription spectacles. Specially designed nose bridge works well with respirator. High-quality, easily adjustable head band. Panorama lens shape allows 180 degrees uninterrupted lateral vision. Optically correct lens. (EN 166-class 1) does not distort view or cause headaches. Depending on lens type, approval Kitemarked, CE marked fulfils EN 166 CAT. NO. C1137


Ultra Gas Tight goggles

Features: Supravision lens. Gas Standard. Heat resistant red body. EN166 1B. CAT. NO. C1136


Ultra Gas Tight Goggles


Lower-face shield clips into standard ultravision goggle. Features: Anatomically designed for wearer comfort. Lightweight. Fits over breathing filter. Additional ventlation incorporated into design.
CAT. NO. C1138

Vistamax 2000

Vistamax 2000 venting

Twin focus on looks and performance. High flow venting anti-mist system. Three times better non-mist performance than conventional goggles. Frame profile and curvature offer style and a close fit for maximum protection and comfort. High wearer acceptance is achieved with detail such as a depth of frame allowing the goggle to be worn over spectacles and with disposable masks.


Vistamax 2000