PF 22 & PF 32

PureFlo PF22 & PF32
PureFlo self-contained powered respirators. Above left, PF22 and above right PF32, safety hard hat version.

PurFlo Respirator

PureFlo Respirator
PureFlo XF powered respirator. Special metalized version shown for high radiant heat application.

Purelite Respirator

Purelite Respirator
Purelite, lightweight powered respirator being used in dusty, wood turning application..

The PureFlo range of self-contained powered respiratory helmets has been developed for safe, prolonged and comfortable use by providing more than enough breathable air even when working in the most arduous conditions
The range includes both hoods and hard helmets that are unique in proficient head, eye, face, and respiratory system protection in one modular combination. Full harness adjustment ensures that the helmets are comfortable in use. The design allows spectacles to be worn, while beards do not impair the efficiency of the system . Integral, rechargeable batteries, power a highly efficient, quiet fan which supplies a positive flow of clean, filtered air within the breathing zone. The batteries easily last an 8-hour shift before needing to be recharged. PureFlo helmets are easy to wear,  simple to maintain and provide protection to EN146. The helmets are compatible with PureFlo accessories:

P u r e F l o

  • Aluminized radiant-heat cape
  • Radiant heat mesh visor
  • Lockable storage cabinets with optional battery charger
  • PureWeld lightweight welding shields

For extremely arduous environments the PureFlo XF is available in hard-hat and heat-reflective versions. A specially designed fan and filter assembly produces a boosted airflow which gives a constant supply of cool, clean filtered air.
The Purelite - Light battery powered respirator - provides a cost-effective solution for many less demanding industrial and DIY applications. The Purelite easily adjusts to a wide range of head sizes and features a flip-up visor which locks in any position. It offers protection to EN 146 THP 2.

The PureFlo range as produced in the UK by Helmet Integrated Systems Limited. The group also design and manufacture a wide range of specialized head protection for Air Crews, Military, Police and Fire Services. In addition many motorcyclists, cyclist and equestrian enthusiast wear helmets produced by the group. Quality is a high priority and the group operates quality control procedures in avoidance with NATO AQAP-1. It is also registered with the British Standards Institution with approval to BS5750/ISO9000.

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