Brushes and Mops

A. Platform brush with handle 24”Soft CAT. NO. H8220
Stiff CAT. NO. H8220A
B. Soft Broom head (handle supplied separately). CAT. NO. H2817
C. Hard Broom head (handle supplied separately). CAT. NO.H2818
D. Hand Brush , soft. CAT. NO. H28211 Stiff CAT. NO. H8214
E/F/G/H. Various mops, details on request
I. Galvanized Mop Bucket, also in plastic. CAT. NO. H8218
J. Refuse Bags, 200 gauge, (cases of 200) 18”x29”x39” CAT. NO. B0402
L. Dust Pan and Brush Set. CAT. NO. B2810

Toilet Rolls and Dispensers
Please Ask For Details


Other Tools

Bath Towel Standard, industrial quality
Assorted colours CAT. NO. H8221
Disposal Bath Towels CAT. NO. H8236

Killasprays CAT. NO. H2800
Back Pack Sprays CAT. NO. H2788
Paint Brushes CAT. NO. H2804
Spade CAT. NO. H2816
3” Scraper CAT. NO. H2822
4” Scraper CAT. NO. H2823
Stanley Knife CAT. NO. H2824
Stanley Blades CAT. NO. H2825

Metal Axe CAT. NO. H2826
Claw Hammer CAT. NO. H2727
Club Hammer CAT. NO. H2828
Sledge Hammer  CAT. NO. H2829
Sledge Hammer  CAT. NO. H2830
Crow Bar CAT. NO. H2831
T55 Staple Gun CAT. NO. H2832
T50 Staples CAT. NO. H2833
Wire Brush CAT. NO. H2834
Pick Axe CAT. NO. H2835
10” Tin Snips CAT. NO. H8215

Miscellaneous Products

We stock an extensive range of polythene sacks and bags, rolls of polythene sheeting, lay-flat tubing, bubble wrap; and stretch wrap, Towels, wipes and Tak Rags: Tools, wheels, castors, and fittings: Absorbent products; First Aid and Body fluid spill Control kits: plus a full range of coatings and adhesives including Spray Glue, Spray Poly, Spray Foam, and Idenden Coatings, We have separate catalogues for Tools, Safety Signs, Spill control, fall Arrest and Safety Showers/Eyewashes. Please ask for copies.

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