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CPF 1 garments provide increased physical strength and splash resistance over competing fabrics by laminating a multilayer film to a durable polypropylene substrate. CPF 1 garments should be used in situations needing protection from dry particulate and light splash.

Sizes  M - XL
CAT. NO. C23/34CPF 1


CPF 2 garments offer greater tear resistance and chemical holdout by laminating a layer of co-extruded barrier film to a tough 1.5oz polypropylene substrate.
Sizes M - XL
CAT. NO. C23/34CPF2



Kappler’s Responder Gas Tight suit is constructed of a patented limited use suit material designed to offer a high degree of resistance to a broad range of chemicals. Responder is the world leader in limited use chemical suit material and is CE marked Type 1, Class 3 in independent laboratory testing. The Responder material showed no permeation breakthrough after eight hours of exposure to the ASTM F 1001 chemical battery. Responder is the first chemical suit material to achieve this. It has also been successfully tested against 200 additional chemicals. Responder is made from a multiple film and tough substrate composite material joined by durable sewn and heat sealed seams. Constructed for a very strong and chemically resistant material Responder is designed for comfort and mobility. Sizes M - XL

CAT. NO. C23/24CHRP0

CPF 3 garments are constructed from a multilayer barrier film  laminated to a durable 2.0oz polypropylene substrate. They offer greater physical strength and chemical holdout when compared to traditional film products. CPF 3 garments should be used in rigourous activities and where there is a potential for chemical splash.

Sizes M- XL

CAT. NO. C23/34CPF2


CPF 4 garments are constructed of a multifilm composite laminated to a high strength 2.3oz poly propylene substrate. They offer chemical protection normally found in suits costing much more. CPF 4 provides one of the broadest ranges of chemical protection available for splash suits. Sizes M - XL

CAT. NO. C23/34 CPF4