KESAF Compressed air line full face



Technical data



Breathing resistance
Inhalation 2 x 25 1/min

+ - 2.0 mbar
+ - 8.0 mbar

EN 139
max 4.5 mbar
max 10 mbar

Carbon dioxide conetent

+ - 0.6 %

max 1.0 %

Inwared leakage

+ - 0.013 %

max 5.0 %

Kesaf compressed air line full face mask incorporates a comfortable and well-known Sari full face mask equipped with a thread connector and a breathing tube to the belt mounted air  regulator.  Kesaf is an ideal respiratory protective device when the contaminants are hazardous to the face and eyes and when high protection factor is needed.  Kesaf is fully approved and tested to EN 139 and the face piece meets the EN 136 standard.

Anatomic face piece

  • Comfortable to wear due to the wide sealing edge
  • High-class materials, soft natural rubber and extremely advantageous silicone rubber
  • Silicone is very chemical resistant and skin-friendly
  • Large visor improves visibility

High-level protection

  • Due to the over pressure the mask fits tightly and there is no risk of inward leakage
  • Offers excellent protection against gases, vapours, dust, mists, particulates and fumes including icocyanates
  • Wide-ranging applications, e.g. grinding, blasting, spraying
  • Constant flow form 120 l/min to 300 l/min offers highly reliable supply of breathable air.