Racal is now 3M

Racal produce an extensive and unique range of positive pressure equipment that is both comfortable and cost effective for the user.  Commonality of components used on all our products reduces spares requirement levels and allows flexible man management.



The Racal airline trolley unit is a highly portable self contained compressed air system for supplying premium pressure air for use with the Racal Lifeline and Lifesaver breathing apparatus.

The unit consists of a strong frame capable of housing two cylinders of compressed air. The universal cylinder cradle accepts a wide range of cylinder sizes. Cylinder pressure is reduced to medium pressure via a high performance piston reducing valve. The reducing valve is designed to operate at all cylinder pressures up to 300 bar. Cylinder pressure and airline pressure is displayed by safety pattern gauges which are mounted on the control panel. The airline drum is capable of housing in excess of 90 metres of the Racal anti-kink 3/8" bore airline hose. An optional filter unit can be fitted in an external air supply is to be used such as a factory airline.

LIFELINE The Racal Lifeline positive pressure airline apparatus has been designed to operate from a medium pressure airline system or from the new Racal portable self contained airline trolley system. The Lifeline incorporates the Racal Crusader face mask and the Racal 3000 first breath operated positive pressure demand valve. The airline is attached to the Lifeline by double actin safety couplings. The Racal Lifeline complies with EN 139.


The Racal Lifesaver positive pressure airline apparatus fitted with an emergency escape cylinder for 2, 10, or 15 minutes duration. The Lifesaver incorporates the Racal 3000 first breath operated positive pressure demand valve. The compact cylinder/reducing valve is of low profile and lightweight thus minimizing wearer fatigue. The Racal Lifesaver complies with EN 139.


Anti-Kink 3/8" Bore hose fitted with Instantair couplings (Anatrir available if required) Anti-Kink/Anti-Static 3/8 " Bore hose available on request. Hose Lengths: 3m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 60m, & 90 metre - Air Pressure: 3 - 15m hose: 7-10 bar -  30m hose; 8-10 bar - 60 - 90m hose; 9 - 10 bar


Portable airline filtration unit which will supply up to two positive pressure masks with breathing air to BS 4275. The filter will remove oil, water, particulate and oil odour form the airline.



The filter will not remove Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide or any other gas present at the compressor intake.