Sabre (Scott) have over 25 years experience in the manufacture of breathing apparatus and have become internationally renowned for their reliable, robust and comfortable products. All Sabre products are designed to the same exacting brief - to produce equipment that operators will use and wear through choice, not just by necessity.



The Sabre range of airline breathing apparatus is designed for all applications where the highest degree of respiratory protection is required but individually and specifically designed to meet particular operational requirements.


All Sabre products are designed and manufactured to exacting quality control procedures and are certified to the relevant international standards. Sabre is an approved ISO 9001 (BS 5757: part 1), company registration FM932.



This can be a factory airline, a compressor or compressed air cylinders. If factory airline or compressor is to be used is the air supply clean? An AFU will only remove water, particulates and oil mist. If there is any possibility of Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide in the air supply, then an air purifier will need to be used or an alternative clean air supply found.

Primary Air Source

How will the wearer know if there is a drop in his medium pressure supply? In line warning whistles will give an audible warning, a SS4 will provide audible and visual alarms.

Supply Pressure Warning Devices

Primary Air Source

Do you need to supply an alternative supply of air. In addition to being tanalone: is this abalone or stand alone supply systems, both Sabre Astral and Modul+Air trolley systems can be used as back up supply systems should a compressor supply fail.

Connecting up the System

How are you going to connect the users to their air supply? Sabre have a range of hose types and lengths and CEN approved couplings to meet your operational requirements.

Choosing the right airline breathing apparatus for the job in hand

Will the wearer always work from the same airline supply line, or is there a need for mobility between lines. Is the wearer working in a confined space? If so, he will need an independent supply of air for escape purposes. If escape provision is part of the contingency plan, how much air will the wearer need to make his escape?



Airlline Supply System

The Sabre range of airline supply equipment is designed for a wide range of applications. It includes products for use with factory compressor ‘ring main’  airline supplies, portable low pressure compressors and stand alone products for use were no other bulk supply of compressed air is available. Designed and built to Sabre’s philosophy of producing simple to

use, robust and easy to maintain products. each one is individually specified to meet particular requirements , yet can be used in combination with other products in the range to enable end users to assemble an airline supply source that exactly meets their needs.  Sabre airline supply equipment is CE marked to EN139 for use with the full range of Sabre airline breathing apparatus. Sabre airline hoses are abatable in both PVC and antistatic rubber materials. All airline hose connections are CEN safety couplings that are quick and easy to connect, yet prevent accidental disconnection.

Sabre also supply ‘Y’ piece connections and ‘branch line’ hoses to enable two workers to operate from the end of an approved hose length. When operating with compressed airline equipment, it is vital that safety rescue personnel are aware of any drop in supply pressure. The Sabre  trolley units may be fitted with


Airline Suppy System

medium pressure warning whistles that give an audible alarm. This option of a DS4 audible and visual alarm unit that monitors the airline supply pressure and gives both audible and visual alarms if the supply pressure falls below 3.8-4.1 bar (55-60 psi) is also available. In either case, the operation of the alarm informs safety rescue personnel to switch over to the reserve air supply, change cylinders or initiate evacuation procedures, as appropriate.

The materials specified for Sabre airline equipment are of the highest quality. For example, all Sabre airline trolley systems are fabricated in stainless steel, to provide high levels of corrosion resistance.

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