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COMFORT AND PROTECTION - Injection molded non-dermatitic, hypoallergenic, silicone rubber face piece is soft and supple for excellent comfort and superb protection levers. EASE OF MAINTENANCE - Careful respirator design enables the mask to be quickly stripped down - allowing easy cleaning.  All materials are specified for a long life, with the rugged construction ensuring minimum maintenance and cost-effectiveness. AIR FLOW MANAGEMENT - Black inner mask prevents visor reflection and minimizes carbon dioxide levels. The air flow is directed so as to positively prevent misting - making the GEMINI safe and comfortable to wear SIMPLICITY - Five point head harness is optimized for comfort, stability and easy adjustment. It is compatible with safety helmets and convenient to use. VISION - Low profile, optically correct and scratch-resistant visor provides panoramic field of vision, less claustrophobia and reduced wearer fatigue. PROTECTION - All Protector Sabre full face respirators are assigned a protection factor of 500. APPROVALS - Fully CE certified to EN 136, EN141 and EN 143..

The GEMINI FFF mask is available in rubber and silicone in two sizes; medium/small and medium/large and is fitted with a central DIN 40 mm female thread to accept the range of Protector filter canisters.
Rubber Med/Large Cat. No. R6703
Rubber Small/Med Cat. No. R6707
Replacement Visor Cat. No. R6959
Silicone Med/Large Cat. No. R6946
Silicone Small/Med Cat. No. R6702


Sabre Neg Air Full Face

The Gemini range of negative pressure full face respirators are designed for use in workplaces where hazardous and toxic gases/particles are to be found. Typical industries include chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum.

Gemini FFF

<The GEMINI FFT mask is fitted with two side cartridge adapters to which a full range of filter cartridges can be attached. Benefits of twin filters are low breathing resistance and improved vision and balance. <

>The GEMINI FFF mask is available in two sizes -  medium/small and medium/large - and is fitted with a central 40 mm female thread to accept any of the range of Protector Sabre filter canisters. >

Gemini FFT

Hose Adaptor


The Gemini hose adapter enhances the capabilities of the GEMINI FFF: M/S; M/L; PS and SV respirators. By connecting a lightweight belt-mounted adapter with flexible hose, two screw-in filters can be used in place of the standard single filter. This means that filters can be orientated away from the source of contamination, and two filters are used in parallel to provide extended filtration capacity. It also means that the respirator has exceptionally low breathing resistance.