Technical data


Breathing resistance


EN 271

max 5.0 mbar

Carbon dioxide content

max 1.0 %

Inwared leakage


Sandro is a compressed air line device of constant flow type. It includes a protective  helmet, a chest apron and the breathing tube connects the face piece to the CV-regulator.  Compressed air proceeds through the bodes equipped with the practical quick couplings to the control valve.  The filtering unit Pasu 3 (062883) con be connected to the compressed air source to clean the compressed air breathable and adjust the pressure.  Sandro provides exceptional respiratory protection in various abrasive blasting operations.

Sturdy construction

  • Heavy-duty reinforced helmet protects the entire head in extreme operations
  • Rubber cover as an optional offers extra protection prolonging the helmet life
  • The neck and chest apron mad of durable rubber coated cloth protects the body from splash
  • Safe to use
    • Scott Safety control valve affords to adjust the air flow to optimum comfort
    • Protective elastic visor cover is easy to change
    • Can be used with spectacles
    • Constant flow from 120 l/min to 300 l/min
    • All controls are easily accessible

    PSAU 3

    Compressed Air Filtering Unit


    Technical data

    80 +- 90 psi

    Maximum working pressure
    Working temperature
    Flow of air

    10 bar
    from +4 C to +40 C
    800 l/min800 l/min

    Particle filter
    Higmg/m3h efficiency filter

    Removes particles down to 0.01 micron with a maximum oil content 0.01 mg/m3

    Gas filter

    Maximum remaining oil and hydrocarbon content less than 0.3

    The compressed air must be refined to be breathable. For this purpose the filtering unit Pasu 3 should be installed.  Pasu 3 filters the compressed air from dirt, oil, odour and hydrocarbons and regulates the air pressure.  Pressure differential indicator makes it easy to follow the condition of the high efficiency filter element.

    High-efficiency filter for particulates - - - Ref. No 062855

    • The borosilicate micro fibre layer removes efficiently both solid and liquid particles, oil mist included
    • Automatic drain
    • Gas filter - - - Ref. No 041370
      The large activated carbon filter removes gases, odours and vapours from the compressed air
    • Heavy-duty gas filter offers extremely long service life
    • Oil and hydrocarbon content is brought down to less than 0.3 mg/m3