SILAIR Compressed air line half mask

SILAIR is a compressed air line breathing apparatus of continuous flow type. SILAIR includes a lightweight, comfortable half mask which is connected by a breathing tube to a built mounted regulator. SILAIR is tested and approved according to EN 139 and face piece complies with EN 140.

Beneficial face piece

  • Small size face piece enables SILAIR to be worn with eye protection, e.g. a welding shield
  • The mask is easy to don and doff
  • Secure adjustable head harness keeps the face piece firmly in position
  • The face piece is available in natural rubber and silicone
  • High quality silicone is resistant to chemicals and demanding climates and temperature conditions
  • Applications

    SILAIR in an ideal respiratory protective device in various applications, e.g. in welding, grinding, paint spraying etc.

    Constant flow from 120 l/min to 300 l/min offers highly reliable supply of breathable air

Technical data



Breathing resistance
Inhalation 2 x 25 1/min

+ - 1.0 mbar
+ - 3.0 mbar

EN 139
max 4.5 mbar
max 10 mbar

Carbon dioxide content

+ - 0.5 %

max 1.0 %

Inwared leakage

+ - 0.5 %

max 5.0 %