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MM1 Jacket, green
 MM1 Trousers, green
MM1 Jacket, Navy
S,M,L,XL C21/05MM1BL
MM1 Trousers, Navy
MM1 Jacket,  orange
S,M,L,XL C21/06MM20R
Grade 3 shirts, black
S,M,L,XL C21/16GBK

Welder's Clothing

Proban Flame/ Spark Retardant

Proban Flame

Molten metal splash

Molten Metal Splash

Proban material is 100% cotton with a flame retardant finish that will withstand sparks and flames and passes BSEN531 and BSEN470-1

Coverall CAT. NO. C0946
One breast pocket with flap concealed stud inside side pockets plus side access concealed stud front.
Jacket CAT. NO. C0766
Two inside breast pockets (one with pen division). Concealed stud front.
Trouser CAT. NO. C0767
Two side pockets. Zip fly. Hook and bar fastener.

A range of clothing specially designed and tested to combat molten metal splash. Two different materials resist molten metal splash up to 1600 degrees and slag at 150 degrees C. The materials meet BS3119/3120 and BS5438/6249
BCS specification MM1 material is an All Wool Melton (660g), BSC specification MM2 is a 540g Pure New Wool Melton with Zipro treatment, Grade 3 Black Shirts ) 380g) meet the same British Standards and are a Zipro treated All Wool Fabric. All MM1 and MM2 garment comply with  EN531 (A, B2. C1. D3, E3)


Welder’s clothing and accessories

A range of custom items made for all welding application. Regency also stock a complete range ancillary equipment. See other pages for details of gloves, powered respiratory equipment, disposable masks, welding glass, head shields and footwear.
Leathers welder’s jacket
S,M, L, X - - CAT. NO. C21/22CH
Leather welder’s elasticized sleeves CAT. NO. C41/49CH
Leather welder’s aprons CAT. NO. C41/46CH
Leather Skull gaps CAT. NO. C21/45CHSK
Leather welders gaiters CAT. NO. C21/47CH
Proban welder’s hood with cap C21/92WDFP
Knee Pads CAT. NO. C21/48NP

Welder's garb

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Full range of aluminized clothing available  CAT.NO. CS135